Faulty SD card reader on Late 2011 15″ MacBook Pro

This past weekend I received my Raspberry Pi.  For the first test of the little guy, I’ve decided to install OpenELEC to see how well it would work as our home theater control station (I’ll try to post more on this later).  The wonderful OpenELEC guys have made it very easy to install.  You just download the image file and write it to a SD card so that is what brought me to this situation.

For the first time in the last 1.5 years, I had to use the SD card reader in my [Late 2011 15″] MacBook Pro.  When attempting to mount the card, I encountered problems like no response, saw the card but didn’t mount it, mounted it but in read-only mode, and even a repetitive mount/unmount sequence complete with the OS X warning that I removed a disk improperly.

Thinking it was the card, I tried another one and had the same problems.  A quick web search returned multiple posts of other users having the same problem.  There were multiple suggestions on how to get around this problem but none of them worked for me.  There is even a YouTube video that showed a trick with pulling the card out a slight amount.  It has worked for most people, and it worked for me to allow the card to mount.  However it would only mount as read-only.  No matter what I did, it would not mount read-write.

Although some users reported having the same issue with the Early 2011 MacBook Pro, I was able to use my older laptop with success.  I wrote the OpenELEC image to the SD card and was able to start working on my Raspberry Pi.

I have plans to have the laptop’s logic board replaced later this week.  I will post back with the results.

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