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Clean the Open With… menu

There have been a few blog posts recently discussing how to clean out the duplicate/old entries in the Open With contextual menu.  However, they all give (poor) instructions on how to add an Terminal command-line alias into a .bashrc file.  The problem here is that most users are not familiar with the command shell and trying to edit a hidden or non-existent .bashrc file is very confusing.  Until Apple fixes this issue, why make it harder on yourself.  Here is a method that is more user-friendly using Automator. UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom of the post to download the Service file and instructions on how to install it. Open the … Continue reading

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Apple Genius steals precious drive space

The other day I reported on my issues with a faulty SD card reader.  A couple of support forum users had success in having the logic board replaced so I made an appointment with an Apple Genius.  My assigned Genius, Taylor, was great to work with.  He was very friendly and although he had never seen this particular issue before, he completed the troubleshooting without fail.  Even though it was the morning of Christmas Eve, and I’m sure they had a long day ahead of them, he was patient with me while we discussed the problem and came up with a repair schedule that worked for me.  This post isn’t … Continue reading

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BookBook Vol. 2 Upgrade

This last spring, I bought the new iPad 3.  I have a few other products by Twelve South including the PlugBug and the Leather SurfacePad so when I needed an iPad case, it was an easy decision to get the BookBook.  This is an amazing iPad case.  I’ve received so many comments on it.  People had no idea I had an iPad with me; “I though you were carrying a journal or something”. However, being that version is the same model they came out with when the original iPad was released, it had a few dated flaws.  One of the biggest annoyances is that it didn’t have a magnet in … Continue reading

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